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About PinkDot Motors

Welcome to Pink Dot Motors. WE ARE UNLIKE MOST DEALERSHIPS you have ever been to. We are very simple to deal with no pushy sales people and sale games. Give us a call or click here to schedule an appointment. You will be pleasantly surprised how simple car buying can be!  

We operate VERY differently than most other dealers: 

  • We are by appointment (every car gets prepped before you come in - no time wasted) 
  • We have no sale people (no-one is going to be pressuring you into buying a car) - we only show and educate when necessary. 
  • Our prices are firm (yes, very firm!) - we do our research to make sure everything is priced as aggressively as we can afford, considering condition, mileage, options, and rarity of the vehicle. Pricing are constantly adjusted according to market demand. 
  • We are very upfront with anything we know about our car. If there is a panel replaced and paint work done we know about, we will tell you. Everything we know we disclosed. 
  • Pre-purchase inspections are welcome and encouraged.
  • Our business model works best for clients who know what they are looking for. 

What are the benefits of buying cars from us:
  1. Simplicity of the process and lack of pressure and NO TIME WASTED.
  2. VERY aggressive pricing. You always get a good deal buying from us. Please do your research beforehand.
  3. You have an option of inspecting a car before you buy it. 
  4. EZ third party financing with ZERO down OAC
  5. Optional extended warranties and service contracts provided by third parties.
  6. Free CARFAX report as a courtesy and to ensure transparency on every vehicle purchase.

Be sure to visit our virtual showroom of inventory available for purchase. There you will see detailed information about each vehicle, a picture gallery, as well as convenient ways to contact us for more information about that vehicle.  


Q: Why the price is so low? Is there anything wrong with the car? 
A: We price our cars to sell. Because we have no sales people or full time employees we can afford to work with small profit margin. Price is low because we actually want to sell our cars.
Q: Is the price negotiable?
A: Our prices are FIRM. We make sure everything is priced as aggressively as we can afford. Please also note, our pricing strategy has nothing to do with KELLEY BLUE BOOK or NADA or any other semi-accurate pricing tool. Please don't be suspicious and assume there is something wrong with the car just because our car is priced way bellow KBB.  Do some research and you will understand why we priced our cars certain way. Pricing is also depends on demand / supply also condition / options / color / service records / accident history etc. 
Q: Do you guys take Credit/Debit cards?
A:Yes we do!!! We accept all major credit and debit cards.
Q: I am not sure what I want, can I just stop by to see what you guys have?
A: NOPE, this goes against our business model. The bare minimum we ask for is to know what you want and know what you getting into. We don't want to make that decision for you simply because there are too many variables and too many possible issues. Please do your research. 
Q: Do you offer any financing?
A: EZ third party financing with ZERO down OAC, or we will work with your bank or credit union if you have your own financing.
Q: How many cars can I see per appointment? 
A: We can only show up to 2 cars, simply because we prep our cars before each appointment.

Q: Do you offer any warranties?
A: Yes, extended warranties and service contracts are optional and provided by third parties.

Q: Can i have the car inspected before I buy it?
A: Pre-purchase inspections are always welcome. We encourage p
re-purchase inspections.  

Q: How can I schedule an inspection?

  • Call us to confirm availability, and ask for options and opinions.
  • Call NEW CAR STORE or LEMON SQUAD https://lemonsquad.com/ or your mechanic to schedule an appointment for inspection.
  • Prepay for the inspection.
  • Call us with so we can deliver the car to the NEW CAR STORE (must be within 8 mile radius from our store).

Please note, to ensure quality inspection by qualified mechanic NEW CAR STORE , LEMON SQUAD ( https://lemonsquad.com/ ) or bringing your mechanic are the best options you have. 

To avoid conflict of interest all our vehicles are no longer available for inspections at mechanic shops customer may find on Google or Yelp.

Q: Why should I inspect the car before purchasing it?
A: We only check safety items on our cars and we almost never service them. With this said we test drive every single car we get and tend to fix everything we can find within reason. Please also know, that there is no such thing as "perfect" pre-owned vehicle. We sell all different types of cars. Some of them are in great shape some of them need some maintenance work, but everything we know we disclose. 

Q: I  am an out-of-state buyer. How can I schedule a pre-purchase inspections?

  • Call us to confirm availability
  • Call a NEW CAR STORE or LEMON SQUAD ( https://lemonsquad.com/) to schedule an appointment for inspection.
  • Prepay for an inspection
  • Call us with so we can deliver the car to the NEW CAR STORE (must be within 8 mile radius from our store).

Q: How do you price your vehicles?
A: AGGRESSIVELY! Based on the idea of having the most competitive price within 100 mile radius. We are an ON-LINE Based Used Car Store. With that idea in mind, we simply cannot afford to sit on cars for too long.  

Q: What kind of cars do you sell?

  • We ONLY sell CARFAX Certified cars!
  • We do NOT buy BRANDED TITLE cars!
  • Most of our cars are 1-OWNER cars!
  • We disclose everything we know about our cars!

Q: Can you take my car on a trade?
A: We opted not to take any trade-ins.

Q: I am an out-of-state buyer. I don’t want to pay CA sales tax. What should I do?
A: Buyer is responsible for sales taxes in the state where vehicle is going to be registered. We can also assist with shipping and transportation. Give us a call to discuss available options. 
Q: Can you ship out of state?
A: We can assist with transportation nationwide or globally. To get a transportation quote simply text us your ZIP code to 818 292 0890